About Pacific Institute of Reflexology

In May 1982 the Reflexology Centre of Vancouver was established by Chris Shirley to promote, practice and teach reflexology in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In January 1996 the name was changed to the Pacific Institute of Reflexology to reflect the development of the Centre into a broader reaching institution. The foot reflexology, hand reflexology and ear reflexology charts published by the Institute and our foot reflexology instructional DVD are now available in Europe, Australia and throughout North America. No doubt this expansion will continue as exposure is increased to other parts of the world through the Institute's web site.

Chris Shirley's mission is to have reflexology accepted and embraced by mainstream society and modern medicine. The Pacific Institute of Reflexology is the vehicle that he has created to fulfil this mission. To this end, resources are made available to interested persons at the Institute, such as information on research that has been conducted world wide, a reference library of books, newsletters and literature in the field of reflexology and complementary medicine.

He has expanded the Institute's curriculum to include advanced courses on the professional aspects of having a private practice. These courses round out a professional training program for those persons who are looking to practice reflexology in a professional and clinical capacity. In addition, Chris intends to create an instructional video on hand reflexology - to make the practice of reflexology accessible to a broader range of people.

Committed to develop a better understanding of reflexology, the Institute will continue to actively produce and disseminate reflexology research.

Acknowledging that communication and teamwork is powerful, Chris Shirley is an honorary member of the Reflexology Association of British Columbia, a member of the Reflexology Association of Canada, The Association of Reflexologists, U.K. and, an inaugural member of the International Council of Reflexology.