Reflexology Articles

Introduction to Reflexology

By Christopher Shirley

Welcome to the universe of reflexology. I choose these words carefully because it is my experience that reflexology is capable of taking you to the boundaries of your universe and, if you are willing, beyond those boundaries. (See discussion of boundaries at the end of this article.)

Reflexology is a NATURAL HEALING ART.

Reflexology: Taking a New Look

By Christopher Shirley

It isn't surprising that many people have dismissed reflexology. After all, there just isn't any obvious reason why a simple massage of the feet would have any kind of important therapeutic benefit.
Sure, we can all agree that it might be pleasurable - even very relaxing - but, that is about it, right? There is absolutely no precedent for the basic premise of reflexology that areas of the feet correspond to other parts of the body, and, that stimulation of these areas of the feet therapeutically relaxes the corresponding parts of the body!

Hand Reflexology, Eh?

By Christopher Shirley

Recently, hand reflexology is receiving some well overdue attention. An Egyptian papyrus dated 2330 B.C. depicts both hand and foot reflexology, so, both have existed since ancient times.

Is It Time to Heal Yourself?

By Christopher Shirley

So you have decided to give complementary medicine a try. Maybe you have walked into a brick wall with conventional medicine, or, your experience of it left you feeling burned. The message is very clear – conventional medicine has used all that it has to offer and nothing worked. Or, perhaps you have discussed your condition with your doctors and the procedures that they are proposing are just not acceptable to you. You just know that there must be a better way!

Medical Breakthrough Announced

By Christopher Shirley

"In an unprecedented press release today the medical profession announced the discovery of a new treatment that has been scientifically proven to be effective for more than 100 health conditions and has no known adverse side effects. Conditions researched include: diabetes, pre-menstrual syndrome, constipation, headaches, asthma, allergies, bronchitis, irritable bowel syndrome, prostate problems, lower back/neck/shoulder/chest pain, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and multiple sclerosis. Frequently, recipients reported that this treatment was effective for both the targeted health condition and other health conditions simultaneously. In addition, recipients reported that they felt much better than they had in years. It was also reported that seemingly healthy people embraced this treatment for its revitalizing and rejuvenating effects. Many stated that they felt much less likely to succumb to illness while receiving this treatment."

How Reflexology is Different

The predominant mode of healing in our western culture for the last century has been disease management. Led by allopathic medicine utilizing surgery and pharmaceutical drugs there has been a strong focus on removal and alleviation of symptoms. This may be perceived as a crisis intervention model of healing. When symptoms are identified, the doctor will diagnose the condition and prescribe treatment to manage and eliminate these symptoms. In this disease management mode of healing treatment is focussed on specific conditions.