This website is all about reflexology. I see this blog as an opportunity to step outside of the "reflexology box" and present some material on topics related to reflexology in some way. So, it gives me a little bit of freedom, and I like that.



No doubt you have encountered many claims of substances that will raise your energy level: some healthy, some not so healthy. Various fruits that have anti-oxidant qualities qualify for the former.
However, in my explorations I discovered something a little bit different that worked significantly for me: that is "hydrogen peroxide therapy". A few days after starting to take this I experienced a noticeable increase in energy - something that has been sustained to the present.

Who are the Quacks?


By William Howard Hay, M.D.
Buffalo, New York

What is a “quack”? Medically speaking a quack is everyone but us, the regular school of medicine. No one not a graduate of a modern school of medicine is free from odium of quackery, from the regular classical, orthodox standpoint. Isn’t this true?

Sodium Bicarbonate - Baking Soda - Acid Alkaline Balance

Sodium Bicarbonate - Baking Soda - Acid/Alkaline balance

Chris Shirley says:

"HONEY in the morning, honey in the evening, honey at suppertime...."

"HONEY in the morning, honey in the evening, honey at suppertime...."

No doubt you have a jar of honey in your kitchen cupboard. I am wondering……. do you have any idea what a wonderful healing agent honey can be?
Apparently, when bees produce honey they infuse it with properties that facilitate storage. I have read about a jar of honey that was approximately 5000 years old – and still O.K.