Distribution of Brochures

To assist the distribution of your brochures you might consider creating colored stickers for the front of the brochures with some kind of incentive printed on them. For example: "Special Offer Inside" or "Bring this brochure to receive a discount". On the back of the brochure, where you put your contact information, you could add the special offer/discount: "10% discount on your first visit". Of course, you decide what your special offer is, or, what incentive you have to offer. It is commonly known that this will increase the likelihood of a person picking up the brochure to look at it - which increases the likelihood of them booking an appointment with you.

If the discount that you offer is too great, say 50% - it is possible that you will attract people who can afford the discounted rate, but, cannot afford your regular fee, so, they will not return. If the discount is not much - it is possible that the person will not have enough incentive to buy. "Everyone likes to feel that they are getting a bargain." I find that a 20% discount works well. Sometimes offering a $$$ amount, a $10 discount, sounds more attractive than 20%. You can choose - and, if preferred, you do not need to do this at all.

There are three ways to add your contact information to the brochures. 1). Purchase an ink stamp and ink pad (choose an appropriate colour ink). 2). Print self- adhesive labels on your computer. 3). Hand writing, which some feel is more personal.

The following are some ideas as to how you can effectively distribute these brochures:

1). A key point of distribution is your work place. You will need a shelf or table upon which the brochures can be displayed to your visitors. Often the brochures will trigger questions - which will give you the opportunity to further educate people about reflexology.

This display will provide for your clientele an impression of the variety of conditions that reflexology can be beneficial for. Your clients will be able to take any brochure that interests them. If they have someone in their lives that is challenged by one of the health conditions, the brochure will assist them to bring reflexology to that person's attention as a possible benefit for them. In this way you are supporting and encouraging word of mouth advertising.

2). If you promote reflexology in a shopping mall, a health/women's/spiritual show, a shoe store, a natural food store, seniors residence/centre, a women's centre, a company health promotion day, a fund raising walk or auction, or, any other venue - these brochures will greatly enhance your display and increase the response that you get. This would include any activity that you engage in during World Reflexology Week each year. Again, each brochure can be a source of enquiries, and the collection will create a broader understanding of the benefits of reflexology.

3). Direct mail advertising can be another way to build your business. If you have a mailing list you can create a cover letter to accompany the brochure and mail it to prospective clients, or, clients that you have not seen for a while that you would like to re-establish a connection with. It is acknowledged that mailed items gain more attention than messages sent electronically - they have the benefit of having something tangible in the recipients hands.

4). If you choose to approach a senior's service/residential centre, or, a corporation to offer your services to employees as part of their preventative health program - the brochures provide you with a very professional presentation of the benefits of reflexology. They can also be offered to the institution for the promotion of your reflexology services.

5). The brochures can also be distributed through organizations concerned with the different health conditions. For example, a Cancer Society, an Epilepsy Society, an Allergies Society, a Diabetes Society, and women's health centres.

6). You can use the brochures to network with other health professionals - giving them an appreciation of the benefits of reflexology. Some may be willing to display your brochure in their office, or, simply use it to make a referral to you. For example, midwives - pregnancy.

7). Sometimes community centres, fitness centres, yoga centres, natural food stores, vegetarian restaurants, naturopathic clinics, chiropractic clinics and integrated health centres have a place where brochures can be displayed - you need to check potential places in your community to see if they are amenable.

8). It will also be of benefit to you to keep a few brochures with you in an envelope in your home, briefcase, purse, car, etc.so that you have them handy to pass to anyone that you meet up with who may be interested – just like your business card.


These are some examples. If you have a way to use the brochures that produces results for you - please pass it along to me!  I would love to be able to pass it on for us all to benefit from. That way, reflexology will benefit in the long run. I hope that you see all of this as truly a win-win situation - with reflexology being the ultimate winner.