Faulkner Reclining Chairs

Faulkner Reclining Chairs

*This product is only available for shipping in Canada.

The Faulkner zero gravity reclining chairs are a Made in China replica of the Lafuma reclining chairs. Like the Lafuma chairs they come with a two year warranty. They are a well made high quality chair, and, they are cheaper.

The Faulkner zero gravity reclining chairs are available with padded seating with a variety of patterned fabrics and padded armrests, or, with a variety of solid colour fabrics with padded armrests. They are also available with mesh seating with either padded armrests or wood armrests.

They also come in two sizes: regular and extra large (XL).

The Faulkner padded chair seating pad is firm - with higher density foam - it is a very comfortable chair to enjoy.

The Faulkner chairs weigh less than 20lbs. (9 kg.) and it folds to a small size, consequently, it is very portable and storable, especially if you purchase a carrying bag to carry or store it in.

The locking mechanism on the Faulkner chair is a ratchet, and, provides a stable locking mechanism for partial reclining.

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