Small Relax-A-Roller


The Relax-A-Roller is a massage tool specifically designed to relieve sore, tired, aching feet and other problem areas throughout the body. An invigorating massage is accomplished by the unique pyramidal design that effectively breaks up tension. It out performs all other models by creating a reflex or pressure point massage rather than just a compression massage.

A simple test of the Relax-A-Roller's effectiveness can be made by massaging the bottom of one foot for one minute. While sitting or standing(for more pressure), you would move your foot back and forth applying moderate pressure. Then you would marvel at the difference in the feelings in this foot and leg when compared with the other.

For sensitive feet, heavy socks or toweling may be used to reduce the intensity of the stimulation.

This reflexology foot roller is the best available. The solid plastic rectangular pyramidal nodules serve to stimulate the reflex areas in the feet far more effectively than standard wooden rollers. It is very sturdy in structure and has a lifetime guarantee.

One colour only: red.


Price: $14.95