Learning Reflexology

One of the attractive features of reflexology is how simple it is and consequently, how easy it is to learn. Most people find the techniques quite easy to perform.  Our foot and hand courses teach the internationally recognised thumb and finger walking techniques. Once a person has learned the techniques and how to apply them, they are able to perform reflexology competently, and, can anticipate that the people that they work on will be delighted with the results. It is our promise that upon completion of any of our basic courses you will be able to practice reflexology competently.

However, it is my belief that reflexology is essentially an intuitive healing art. Consequently, at this point the learning has only just begun. Developing one's intuitive sense of performing reflexology is a life long process for everyone, and , people will vary in the speed of this development.

Similarly, there are a lot of people practicing reflexology, all of whom have developed their own knowledge of  reflexology. These reflexologists can also be a rich source of new knowledge for students.

At the same time, there are a lot of areas of expertise outside of the actual application of the techniques that will enhance a reflexologists performance and success. For example, listening and communication skills, or, "people skills", and, knowledge of other healing modalities. If you are practicing in a "professional" capacity, then bookkeeping, record keeping, knowledge of medical terminology, marketing, networking, public speaking, and article writing can all be of valuable service. Our Advanced Reflexology: Professional Skills Course is designed to get you started in most of these areas.

In any field there are new developments. We have made a conscious decision to keep abreast of the new developments within the field of reflexology - this has sometimes involved travelling to Europe. As a result, we are able to share themost valuable essence of these developments in our Advanced Reflexology: Clinical Skills Course. Chris Shirley is acknowledged as one of only two recognised tutors in North America for teaching the Vertical Reflexology Techniques developed by Lynne Booth - bringing her breakthrough knowledge and techniques to you.

If your interest in practicing reflexology is more along the lines of a hobby for enjoying quality time with friends and family, or, for providing it's health benefits for a loved one, we offer you an instructional  DVD that involves far less time and financial commitment. You can enjoy learning in the comfort of your home - whenever the time seems right.


This professionally produced DVD guides you step-by-step through giving a complete foot reflexology session. The combined visual demonstrations and verbal instructions make it very easy to follow. An independent reviewer for Common Ground Magazine remarked that even her four-year-old child could follow it and was effective.

"Foot Reflexology: A Step-by-Step Guide" puts reflexology techniques right at your fingertips - even if you have never heard of reflexology before. It provides an excellent way for you to spend quality-nourishing time with family members and friends, and - being so easy to follow - anyone may participate. If you already know how to practice reflexology, it will make it possible for you to receive all the pleasures and benefits of a reflexology session from anyone, and, allow them to reciprocate for the pleasure that you have provided for them! Relationships are so much healthier when they are balanced.

After following "Foot Reflexology: A Step-by-Step Guide"" a number of times, you will discover it is no longer necessary for you to listen to the instruction. You can turn the sound off, and, the visual images will be sufficient to guide you. Eventually, it is possible that you will no longer need the video at all. The ability to give foot reflexology sessions will be at your finger tips anytime, any place that you want it!

"Foot Reflexology: A Step-by-Step Guide" is a wonderful gift. It provides opportunity for many hours of pleasure, the ability to relieve stress, tension, and many aches and pains - including many of the symptoms of disease.

"Foot Reflexology: A Step-by-Step Guide" can open up whole new areas in a person's relationships and be very empowering for them, especially when reports of their new-found skill - reflexology - begin to circulate.

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