Reflexologist Referrals


Each person will respond differently to a therapy. This is true of all therapies available, and hence, it also applies to reflexology.

Currently, research suggests that reflexology will be beneficial to 75 - 80 % of it's recipients - for a wide range of health conditions. (See our Research Pages ).

At the same time, professional practice of reflexology is an unregulated professional field. Consequently there are no established standards for the professional practice of reflexology.

However, reflexologists are generally ethical people who desire to assist their fellow human beings, and, the practice of reflexology is believed to not be capable of doing harm.

Having made these statements, the consumer is warned that they should adopt a "buyer beware" approach to selecting a reflexologist to serve them.

If you are a Professional Reflexologist, and would like to be included on a referral page click here.

The Pacific Institute of Reflexology will take no responsibility or liability for your use of any of the following persons services.

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