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When I first learned about reflexology in 1977 I was profoundly impressed by its inherent beauty. This beauty emanates from its essential simplicity juxtaposed with its effective potency as a therapy. It is easy to learn, simple to perform, and, practiced with commonsense, it is completely harmless. Simultaneously, reflexology is proven to produce potent therapeutic benefits for a wide range of health conditions. In addition, it can produce one of the most sublime relaxation experiences while it rejuvenates and revitalizes all aspects of a persons body and being. I saw something that would empower people to heal themselves and each other - that would rescue them from feeling helpless when encountering disease - within their own body or within others.

That the practice of reflexology was being actively suppressed by the medical profession made me very angry. That the medical profession would actively campaign against the practice of reflexology seemed to me to be criminal. It became my personal mission to bring the practice of reflexology into mainstream awareness and have it recognised as a natural healing practice.

I founded the Reflexology Centre of Vancouver in 1982 to promote, practice and teach the art and science of reflexology. Re-named in 1996 as the Pacific Institute of Reflexology, the Institute now provides reflexology and complementary medicine educational resources across North America. As the field of knowledge in the practice of reflexology expands I am working to broaden the practice of reflexology as a clinical therapy. Offering you the opportunity to open a franchise in your community is a part of this process. I invite you to join me to establish reflexology as the core of the natural healing process.


By combining information, instruction, a comprehensive resource library, and a unique line of health enhancing products, the Pacific Institute of Reflexology has become a centre of excellence and is a premier venue for the teaching and practice of reflexology in Western Canada. Having maintained close connections with the Reflexology Association of British Columbia, the Reflexology Association of Canada, and other reflexology associations worldwide, the Pacific Institute of Reflexology recognizes and promotes the idea of establishing professional standards of treatment and the appropriate education of practitioners. To date, several basic and advanced training courses that offer recognized certification have been established, and an instructional DVD has been produced for the use of persons with an interest in reflexology. Additional courses, products and instructional/ informational DVDs are planned for future release. The franchising arm of the Pacific Institute of Reflexology provides a unique opportunity for current or potential practitioners to become part of an existing network of committed, knowledgeable and compassionate healers. Individuals who have an interest in holistic and complementary medicine are invited to investigate this unique opportunity.

Our Mission

The mission of Pacific Institute of Reflexology is to bring the practice of reflexology into the mainstream of western health care delivery and practice. As such, it will become an integral part of a diversified approach to health care and health maintenance that is accessible to all.

The Franchise Opportunity

As a prospective franchisee, one of your major concerns is the security of your investment. Here are some facts to assist you in dealing with that concern:

  • Many small businesses fail in their first year.
  • Those that survive rarely have an exit strategy which franchising creates for a business.
  • According to the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, 93% of franchises survive.
  • Franchising reduces the learning curve typically required of new business operators and practitioners
  • Franchising provides initial training, along with on-going training and support,
  • Being part of a franchise provides opportunity to connect with other practitioners who share common interests and values

Why Franchise With Pacific Institute of Reflexology?

  • Professional training and certification in the art and science of reflexology
  • Assistance with start-up of your professional practice, including training and support in managing the business end of private practice
  • Access to a comprehensive library of reflexology research, and opportunity to become part of ongoing research into the effectiveness of reflexology as a healing tool
  • Availability of quality products to enhance a healthy and relaxed lifestyle Opportunity to connect and mentor with knowledgeable and experienced practitioners of reflexology who share your vision of health enhancement
  • Become part of the movement to make reflexology accepted by, accessible to, and utilized by the greater population

A Win-Win Opportunity

The Pacific Institute of Reflexology is committed to the development of the practice of reflexology as a mainstream health care alternative. We believe that franchising the unique services and products currently offered at our Vancouver centre will serve to enhance the health care choices of the greater population as well as the career opportunities for current and future reflexology practitioners.

The Pacific Institute of Reflexology will support and train interested franchisees in all aspects of running a successful reflexology practice and school, including learning the art and science of reflexology as well as the ins and outs of establishing a successful business.

A Pacific Institute of Reflexology franchise can be the catalyst needed for creating enhanced relationships with others in the health care community, increased expertise in the practice of reflexology, and the establishment of satisfying and continuing relationships with clients and students. On a personal level, franchisees may also experience a high degree of individual satisfaction, professional respect, and financial independence.


The initial investment in a Pacific Institute of Reflexology franchise opportunity varies between $33,500 and $71,000, depending on a number of factors, with respect to the opportunity you decide to choose. These figures include all initial fees, equipment, inventory, marketing and operating capital required for start-up.

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