Course Fee Structure


The fee for each of our courses is $395.00 + GST.


Basic Course Discounts

After attendance of one Basic Course (Foot, Hand, or Ear) there is a $50.00 discount for your second Basic Course ($345.00 + GST), and, a $85.00 discount for the third Basic Course that you attend. ($310.00 + GST).


Foot Reflexology Diploma Program $1050.00 + GST.

It is necessary to register for this program in advance in order to qualify for this discounted fee.

When you have signed up for the Diploma Program you need to sign up for your first course: the Basic Holistic Foot Reflexology Course. Your attendance at this course will commence your Diploma Program. 

After attending the Basic Holistic Foot Reflexology Course you will attend the remaining two courses: Advanced Reflexology: Professional Skills Course and Advanced Reflexology: Clinical Skills Course in any order that works best for you.

You will be charged $ 395.00 + GST for attending the Basic Holistic Foot Reflexology Course.

You will be charged $ 345.00 + GST for attending your second course.

You will be charged $ 310.00 + GST for attending your third and last course.

Your $150.00 deposit for the Diploma Program will be deducted in three equal amounts of $50.00 from each course fee.


Repeating or reviewing any course costs only $150.00 + GST.