As the owner of the Pacific Institute of Reflexology, I, Christopher Shirley, have decided to retire. Consequently, I am interested to meet anyone who has a serious interest in purchasing this business. The business has steadily grown over recent years and has a very bright future. I am looking for a person who is excited to take on the challenges of moving this business forward. I am willing to provide all the necessary support for this person(s) to successfully learn the current operation of the business as well as move it forward.


When I first learned about reflexology in 1977 I was profoundly impressed by its inherent beauty. This beauty emanates from its essential simplicity juxtaposed with its effective potency as a therapy. It is easy to learn, simple to perform, and, practiced with commonsense, it is completely harmless. Simultaneously, reflexology is proven to produce potent therapeutic benefits for a wide range of health conditions. In addition, it can produce one of the most sublime relaxation experiences while it rejuvenates and revitalizes all aspects of a persons body and being. I saw something that would empower people to heal themselves and each other - that would rescue them from feeling helpless when encountering disease - within their own body or within others.

That the practice of reflexology was being actively suppressed by the medical profession made me very angry. That the medical profession would actively campaign against the practice of reflexology seemed to me to be criminal. It became my personal mission to bring the practice of reflexology into mainstream awareness and have it recognized as a natural healing practice.

I founded the Reflexology Centre of Vancouver in 1982 to promote, practice and teach the art and science of reflexology. Re-named in 1996 as the Pacific Institute of Reflexology, the Institute now provides reflexology and complementary medicine educational resources across North America. As the field of knowledge in the practice of reflexology expands I am working to broaden the practice of reflexology as a clinical therapy. I invite you to join me to establish reflexology as the core of the natural healing process.


By combining information, instruction, a comprehensive resource library, and a unique line of health enhancing products, the Pacific Institute of Reflexology has become a centre of excellence and is a premier venue for the teaching and practice of reflexology in Western Canada. Having maintained close connections with the Reflexology Association of British Columbia, the Reflexology Association of Canada, and other reflexology associations worldwide, the Pacific Institute of Reflexology recognizes and promotes the idea of establishing professional standards of treatment and the appropriate education of practitioners. To date, several basic and advanced training courses that offer recognized certification have been established. A well respected set of reflexology charts and an instructional DVD has been produced for the use of persons with an interest in reflexology. Professional marketing brochures complete the current product line. Additional courses, products and instructional/ informational DVDs are planned for future release. The franchising arm of the Pacific Institute of Reflexology provides a unique opportunity for current or potential practitioners to become part of an existing network of committed, knowledgeable and compassionate healers. Individuals who have an interest in holistic and complementary medicine are invited to investigate this unique opportunity to purchase this company. To do this you should contact Chris Shirley.

Our Mission

The mission of Pacific Institute of Reflexology is to bring the practice of reflexology into the mainstream of western health care delivery and practice. As such, it will become an integral part of a diversified approach to health care and health maintenance that is accessible to all.