Use the link below to take you to our exciting professional reflexology marketing brochures where you may simply view samples, or, process a purchase to have your own supply and effectively promote your reflexology practice.

Distribution of Brochures

To assist the distribution of your brochures you might consider creating colored stickers for the front of the brochures with some kind of incentive printed on them. For example: "Special Offer Inside" or "Bring this brochure to receive a discount". On the back of the brochure, where you put your contact information, you could add the special offer/discount: "10% discount on your first visit". Of course, you decide what your special offer is, or, what incentive you have to offer.



These professionally designed brochures are printed on 80lb gloss text paper to present a high quality product. The image on each brochure was carefully selected to present an attractive positive relevant visual experience. The brochures content is consciously worded to be informative and present the potential benefits of reflexology to people with a variety of health challenges while not making any medical or unreasonable claims.

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