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The Pacific Institute of Reflexology is located in Vancouver, B.C. Canada and services the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and beyond with reflexology training courses, reflexology products, resources and private sessions at our professional reflexology clinic.


Reflexology is based on the understanding that certain parts of the body reflect the whole body. These parts are referred to as microsystems. In the practice of reflexology some of these microsystems are worked to relieve stress and tension throughout the body. It is observed that frequently this relief of stress and tension will effectively relieve pain and facilitate natural healing.

Reflexology as a natural healing art has a very real beauty. Its beauty emanates from its essential simplicity juxtaposed with its  potent effectiveness as a therapy. It is easy to learn, simple to perform, and, practiced with commonsense completely harmless. Simultaneously, reflexology is proven to produce therapeutic benefits for a wide range of health conditions. Based on this it is contended that reflexology is the core of natural healing, and that it complements all other therapies. In addition, it can produce one of the most sublime relaxation experiences while it rejuvenates and revitalizes all aspects of our body and being.

Reflexology has a very long history , over 4000 years. Used to facilitate natural healing, ease pain, reduce stress and tension, or just for pleasurable relaxation with friends and family, reflexology just may be the answer you are looking for...

If reflexology is a totally new concept for you, please feel free to consult our definitions of reflexology, or, you might simply like to browse our reflexology frequently asked questions FAQ , or, take in some of our reflexology articles.

There are many theories as to how reflexology works, and, recently reflexology research (over 75 reflexology research studies addressing many different health conditions are summarized in our research pages) is beginning to throw more light onto this topic as well as the wide variety of health benefits that reflexology can provide.

In order to appreciate reflexology it will probably help you to understand how reflexology is different to modern medicine in its approach to healing. In truth, you will only be able to really appreciate the phenomenon that is reflexology when you have experienced it - without the experience it is hard to comprehend!


The Pacific Institute of Reflexology professional clinic offers ear, hand or foot reflexology sessions with an experienced professional reflexologist. If there is some reason that you can not attend the reflexology clinic at the Institute, you are welcome to look up a reflexologist in your area of North America using our reflexologist referral directory . If you are a professional practicing reflexologist and would like to add your professional practice to our reflexology referral directory listings in order to receive more referrals, click here.


Reflexology is relatively easy to learn. If you would like to put all the benefits of reflexology at your fingertips, take a look at the different opportunities we provide for learning reflexology in reflexology courses for the feet, hands or ears. Our reflexology courses are excellent in quality and value. Our basic reflexology courses teach the techniques of foot, hand or ear reflexology for beginning students, and, our advanced reflexology courses  present skills, techniques and strategies that take the practice of reflexology to a professional, clinical level. For aspiring professional reflexologists, our courses prepare you for professional recognition by the Reflexology Association of British Columbia and the Reflexology Association of Canada.  Check our reflexology course schedule for dates and times of our upcoming reflexology courses.


Gift Certificates for reflexology sessions, reflexology courses or reflexology related products from My Reflexology Supply Store are made available for your convenience. Remember, you can also purchase a reflexology product and have it delivered directly to a friend as a gift.

My Reflexology Supply Store offers a wide selection of wonderful reflexology related products including: our foot, hand, and ear reflexology charts with matching designs, Vertical Reflex Therapy hand & foot charts and  VRT DVD, reflexology model feet and model ears, our instructional foot reflexology DVD, reflexology massage devices, as well as a wide variety of reflexology books, which allow you to pursue your interest and broaden your reflexology knowledge at home.

If you are already practicing reflexology take a good look at the above reflexology products, some will certainly assist you in your reflexology practice - either for your self, or, for your clients.


Simply click here to discover some other reflexology related websites, or, here for a very wide range of other health related websites.

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